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It was a cool, overcast day at Sepang: perfect for setting mega lap times!

59 cars registered but only a total of 42 cars and drivers made it for the Preview Round of MegaLAP Time Attack at Sepang. A staggering 8 cars were down with various gremlins and last minute problems and couldn’t make it, having to pull out at the 11th hour.

Wong Yew Chong a.k.a. “Boy Wong” set the early pace in practice with a 2m29.646 driving a Honda Civic EG-K20, an amazing time for a 15 year old car! And this was quicker than the 4WD turbos and even Open Season cars!

However once the official runs started, engine tuning issues denied Boy Wong a win in the FF-NA category, which went to none other than Desmond Yee of N1 Racing in his trusty Civic FD2R! Second place went to the incredible Civic EK9 of ProDrag, equally as well-known as Desmond’s FD2R from SNF battles. And well, Boy Wong’s little white EG eventually finished 3rd, and is something to look out for in the future!

In the FF-Forced Induction category it was Shedden who set the early pace with his VW Golf GTI Mk5, but the surprise was Syed Rizal (Renault Megane RS250) who went out in the 2nd session and laid down a 2m41.633. Shedden kept at it for 2 more laps and finally broke into 2m40, and took the top step. Respect to 3rd place finisher Mohd Raby in his Satria Turbo who landed from London that morning, and went straight to the circuit to run!

The RWD-NA class saw only 3 contenders but it was entertaining none the least. Torres Christian took the win with 2m38.363, with the two BMW M3s of Singaporeans Joel Quek and Allan Goh driving hard and making the day profitable, happily returning home that night with a trophy each!

The Lotus Cars category was broken down to FI and NA classes. In FI, it was Lotus GT4 organiser and racer Zen Low who fired the first salvo, ending the first session 1-second ahead of Japan Super-Taikyu Champion Dominic Ang. But in the end, Dominic did a scintillating lap and took the top-spot by just 0.5s! Another GT4 racer Chiew Rouh Peng completed the podium for Lotus FI. In the NA category which featured less experienced but no less glamourous drivers, Mohd Arizal Aris was way ahead with a 2m41. Soo Hoo Yan Chow and famous photographer Brandon Lim had a close fight but it was Brandon that had to back down, Soo coming in less than a second quicker.

The DragStar 4WD category (sponsored by DragStar Performance Parts) was a surprise: down the straights, the Singaporean Evos of Desmond Tan and Eldred Goh were visibly and audibly quick, with gearchanges every 2-seconds and twirling turbos whistling louder than a Stuka dive-bomber! The times were close, but inthe end SNF fighters Hsiao Tung Wei and Jon Teo were battling it out at the front. In the 2nd session, Tung Wei went faster still and recorded Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) with 2m28.086. Jon Teo couldn’t go any quicker in his second run and had to settle with a time of 2m28.811, while Desmond Tan took 3rd with 2m33.657.

The Open Season class saw some incredible looking machinery, with Koh Aik Leong piloting a bad-ass looking RX8. The Spark Motorsports team of Singapore had a very-angry looking Evo 7, and a widebody S15, however both were just completed a few days before and were still not of the fittest of form. They were driven by Akina Teo of Malaysia, which got many of us to cheekily yell “Traitor!!!” but we all knew it was just in good fun (and thankfully, so did Akina!). Anyway, Akina drove both cars to 1st and 2nd spots on the podium, the Evo 7 recording a 2m31.840 with more promised for next year. Third was taken by a Civic EK9 fielded by Henry Tang’s RCA team (more Singaporeans!) and driven by Leo.

And the Malaysia VS Singapore trophy?

The Singaporeans won.

The points are calculated based on spots and categories were representatives from both countries are playing, Thus for example in the FF categories where there were no Singaporeans racing, no points are awarded to the Malaysians from there. And in the Open Season category, where Malaysian Akina Teo was driving for a Singaporean team, the points are awarded based on the Team,. And so…. thanks to scoring Top-3 in the Open Season class where the Malaysians didn’t field any serious contenders there, the Singaporeans won this Preview Round and took the trophy home with them! Today, the Singaporean team were the Mega Drivers.

But that’s okay, because I know the Malaysians will certainly do something about it, and will be out to win back the trophy to this side of the Causeway in Round 1 of MegaLAP 2012 in February next year: see you then!


Click on the list or HERE to view a larger file.
For individual category results and lap chart, click the following links below to download. Files are in RAR format:
Overall results and Practice times
FF Festival results and times
RWD Pursuit and Lotus categories results and times
4WD Battle and Open Season results and times

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