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Round 3 MegaLAP Time Attack Series: MegaHILL Bukit Putus 24th June 2012!

We were the first to hit Bukit Putus with a string of hot videos and events back in 2010, and it’s been a good 2 years since we’ve returned in anger. But the conditions are now right and ripe, and we’re bringing our MegaLAP Time Attack Series to Bukit Putus as “MegaHILL”!



Location: Bukit Putus Touge Course (from the Scouts Camp till the top of the Hill)
Date : Sunday 24th June 2012
Time : 9am – 5pm
Price : RM 250/SGD 105 entry by Wednesday 20/6, RM 400 for late entries

Confirmation/Registration by payment on first come first serve basis.


830am:    Registration and log-in at Star AgroPark
900am:    Driver’s Briefing
930am:    Practice Run
1100am:  Timed Session 1
100pm:    Timed Session 2
300pm:    Timed Session 3
500pm:    Prize Giving Ceremony


Single-run type time attacks are run similar in nature to a autocross or rally. Cars will be let go at 1-minute intervals, right on the minute, but a startline marshal who will do a countdown. As the car passes the Finish Line, it will break a timing-beam which will automatically log the finish time.

There will be a total of 4 runs: first run is a practice run, and the following 3 runs will be timed.

A layout map and diagram of the location, startline, finish line, and Control will be put up later.

Recommended strategy: It is not necessary to give it all in each of your timed runs. You can utilise the first timed run as a secondary practice shot, and once are familiar with the course, put more effort into the 2nd and 3rd timed session to clock your best time!

Sporting Regulations for MegaHILL are available for download here.


No change here, similar to other MegaLAP events
ClubSprint for street cars on street tyres, up to 2.5L capacity. Sub-categories for VTEC/Turbo, NA, and Proton Campro.
Pro Spec for street cars on semi-slick tyres (as per LIST), in accordance to WTA-rules. Sub-categories for 4WD, RWD, FF-NA, and FF-FI
Open 2WD and Open 4WD are for pure competition-prepared vehicles on semi-slicks, racing safety gear required
Supercars category is for… Supercars! This has been defined HERE

Technical Regulations for MegaHILL are available for download here.

Singapore: get in touch with Henry Tang +65-81982081 /
Malaysia: kindly contact Adian Yein Khalid +6012-6881200 /
OR Faisal Asri +6016 262 4299 /
Registration Agent: N1 Racing OR Motorsports Playground, Sunway (browse their products while you’re there!)

Registration Form for MegaHILL is available for download here.

Last date for Federal Motorsport Tyres order for MegaHILL Bukit Putus is 15 June 2012. For more information and list of sponsored-rate tyres and prices, check out the page here.

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  2. TakaFuji says:

    wahh.. Menarik Ni! Leh wat Iklan!!

  3. danny feizal says:

    hmmm… HOPEFULLY u guys will get the green light from the authorities, n not get cancelled like the Bukit Putus touge event 2 weeks back. im crossing my fingers.

  4. hafiz eusoff says:

    interested to advertise and may be participate..0196581668 Peace

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