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Bukit Putus is located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and is made up of the Federal Route 51 which connects Seremban to Kuala Pilah. The formerly main route was constructed by the British in 1920s (source: and remained as the notorious touge route for enthusiasts looking the the thrill of driving. An alternative route has since been built in 2006 with its public use starting from 2009 but the old roads of Bukit Putus remained with fewer traffic. This old trunk road is not only popular amongst drivers, but along with tourists and jungle trekkers who also frequent the route to reach the foothills of Gunung Angsi.

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For those from the North-South Highway, exit to the Senawang toll and it would fairly straight through Jalan Senawang which has a couple of traffic lights along the way. Turn right into Jalan Kuala Pilah once you reach Senawang Entrepreneurs’ Park and you’re not far off from the junction into Jalan Bukit Putus which will be on your right.

The route is narrow with blind corners although during the MegaHILL event, safety is increased with only one way traffic. Nevertheless, inexperienced drivers should not underestimate the winding roads as the next incoming view might be the side of the hill, or worse, the gorge down below.

The route would be an uphill drive, with the gradient perhaps less than 10% (I sucked at geology, so spare me the blushes). It’s a very short course and completing it might take less than two minutes. In comparison, the usual Ulu Yam – Goh Tong Jaya (UYGTJ to those familiar) takes around 30 to 45 minutes in 2 stages with a kampung located in between. UYGTJ has a lot more elevations, with both uphill and downhill moments (mostly uphill) through a more scenic route (there’s the Batu dam at the start of the 1st stage and lush greenery in the 2nd stage) as well as at least 2 stretches of a kilometre in length (more or less) which could bring you to around 250km/h or more if you have the balls for it. No such stretches would allow you to whack with a wide open throttle at Bukit Putus, although the corners are short and fun (read: tight) compared to fast sweeping corners at UYGTJ. Imagine, at UYGTJ I’ve seen some normally aspirated Alfa Romeos taking the fast corner blindingly fast (think in excess of 160km/h..?). The same cars would struggle to reach those speeds at Bukit Putus.

Starting point would of course be at the Starfresh Agro Farm; a small facility at the start of the course. From there you will start with a fast straight with a fairly sweeping corner which result in many inexperienced drivers to underestimate the next incoming corners. Word of advice, take it easy while putting smooth steering work and watch the brakes. More often than not, reflex braking may instead destabilize the smooth entry into the corners, making it difficult not to oversteer. Drift buffs may love this, but while it may be fun, it may also prove costly in terms of loss seconds.

Remember, the MegaHILL event which presents as the Round 3 of the MegaLAP Time Attack Series is not about who has the bigger balls, but to beat oneself to get the best time. Yes, it may be more dangerous than your normal Sepang event as there are no gravel traps to cushion you mistakes but while the MegaLAP organisers will do their best in maintaining a premium level of safety to the drivers as well as spectators, you the driver should also drive fast but safely too (hint: check the tyres and for any oil leaks etc).

And we do not condone illegal street racing either!

There is no room for a ‘win or die’ attitude here, just have some fun with the rest of us enthusiasts and savour the thrill of the Bukit Putus Touge!

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