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Admit it. Girls who know how to drive stick (as in stick-shift/manual gearbox, no hanky panky here please) are hot. Even hotter, girls who drive stick and can hold their own on the track. You might not like being beat by a girl at racing, but you have to acknowledge a fast girl racer totally wins it hands down.

Take Faye Fayumie here, this Sarawakian lass ain’t no pushover on track. An impressive resume having raced in an annual endurance race for the Red Bull Rookies team, she has been racing regularly in time attack events. She has been a regular for the past rounds of MegaLAP and will again be at Sepang for Round 4.

Leona Chin is no stranger to motorsports. Not only she has a pretty face which graced some of the popular motorsport products in the country, she is one of the female pioneers in the sport of drifting in Malaysia. Driving the Nissan S13 Silvia along with Faye, the car is no stranger to her as she started venturing into drifting with her aunt’s Nissan 200SX hatchback (eventually hers). Ever present at race and motorsport events in Sepang, she could not be missed when wearing her signature red Simpson helmet.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We do love our grid girls and race queens. Many race queens are college girls and what attracts us are their beauty and brains, but this is a different league altogether. Beauty and skill; not only they might be hotter than your girlfriend but they also kick ass on the track.

This may sound corny, but cue the Don’t Cha by the Pussy Cat Dolls. LOL.

So hey, ultimately this is a call out to all the girls out there who love racing and deep down there, has the desire to test out their skills on track. Track experience is obviously recommended (get your boyfriends to bring you on to the track, or they ain’t get no lovin’ from ya!) as well as a pair of safe hands and a level head. Shopping can wait, as the shopping malls aren’t going anywhere. This would give you the thrill of speed like no other, even perhaps give you an addiction.

Girls who race. Respect!

For more details, have a look at our previous post at the link below or contact Faisal Asri ( +6016-2624299  (Malaysia) or Henry Tang ( +65-81982081 (Singapore). 

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  1. Mei Jun says:

    any condition to be a racer??

  2. adian says:

    Just bring along your car and helmet, and come join the fun!!

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