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We received a flurry of calls from last minute entries in the last few days leading up to Round of MegaLAP 2012, given that most parties were still in the Hari Raya mood and taking things easy. In the end however we also received a bunch of calls from those who in the last minute would have to back out as their cars would not be ready in time.

Either way, interest was high in this last of the daylight MegaLAP Time Attack rounds at Sepang, and in no means did any of the teams take it any less seriously.

Excitement grew and the sounds of growling, burbling engines filled the Sepang Pit Building as crews and teams registered that morning. The sky was starting to look overcast, and at noon our trusty photographer Froggie arrived with the news that it was absolutely pouring in Subang, only 30km away.

When the green light flared for the start of practice at 1:00pm, most of the cars zoomed out onto the track to get in some last minute laptimes and settings, as the clouds overhead began to look ominous. No one wanted a run in the rain.
Which errr is kind of the anti-thesis, as if it rains, you want to get some wet settings and practice in! But it’s all academic now, as the clouds actually cleared up past 3:00pm, and by 3:30pm it was blazing hot again. You’ve got to love the unpredictability of “Malaysian winter”!

In the super-street tyre-based Clubsprint VTEC/Turbo class, many were looking forwards to a straight fight between Mark Darwin (DC5R) and Singapore’s Edwin Khoo (Evo 5), as they left off from Round 2 with just a second between them, Edwin taking the win back then. But it was not to be, perhaps Edwin’s new settings weren’t up to par, whereas Mark was flying with his new engine. 2m36.210 is the new benchmark set for Clubsprint VTEC/Turbo. Mohd Azlan Rabu pipped Edwin to second, and it was Norman Souza Tan’s gorgeous blue S2000 that followed up in 4th.

Altezza VS S2000 in Clubsprint category!

As for Clubsprint NA, no one knew what to expect when we saw that Zebedee Tay had registered his quad-throttle Altezza RS200. Raja Izzat (Satria GTI) too had brought some new improvements to the game, and err so did I (BMW E30 325i) in the form of our newly launched RS Ignition-FA Racing suspension. Previous round winner Shazli Mohd’s Altezza was down and out, but he managed to score a loaner Altezza from a fellow club member (now THAT’S what real car clubs are for!). In the end it was no contest: although Raja Izzat dropped his time to 2m46 and I improved by 3-seconds to 2m48 (thanks to our RS Ignition suspension!), we were no match for the Zebedee who clocked 2m44.181!

The new Clubsprint Campro category was a bit of a washout, with only 2 entrants. Izwan Baharom, famous of SNF, faced coil-firing issues all afternoon which allowed autocross-refugee Ken Erai to take his first win at Sepang!

Several expected new rivals for Desmond Yee (FD2R) in the Dragstar Pro FF NA category did not materialise, although Suhaimi Shukor in his famed, blue K24 DC5R was out for blood. Suhaimi came close with 2m32.733 but Desmond was ultimately untouchable with 2m30.383.

In the Dragstar Pro FF Turbo category Syed Mohd Rizal was the sole contestant, and took the opportunity to set a new best time in class of 2m40.835. Perhaps next round we’ll see the rest of the FF Turbo gaggle return to fight for the right to sit on the top of the Forced Induction throne!

The Dragstar Evo sported a new wide-body kit

Dragstar Pro 4WD was nuts. The crowd were at the edge of their seat as the top-5 cars traded fastest laps for the first few minutes into the second session, the Commentator reeling off each new fastest lap for the benefit of the spectators at every 1-minute interval as they were being set. The Singaporeans were strong here with famous drivers James Kee and Eldred Goh expected to set the scene, yet it was the little city-state’s Allan Wong that got closest to reigning champion Hsiao Tung Wei (Subaru GDB RA-R) and his time of 2m28.679. The next 4 cars all followed closely in the 2m31s.

Dragstar Pro RWD featured the return of Drift personality Tengku Djan (BMW E36 M3 Evo) and Torres Christian Georges (Z33), but many knew their afternoon would not be easy as a couple of very, very serious looking Silvia’s and a 180SX rocked up.

Unfortunately the turbo monsters were also rather sensitive: Wiiliam Ho’s S15 bowed out during practice with a busted engine, a shame coz it look fantastic; and Kinson Chong’s 180SX repeatedly broke down whilst in the middle of a flying lap. Thus it was left to Kenneth Lau’s Pitworks S15 to do the job. And he didn’t disappoint, setting a blistering 2m30.352 and setting a new record for Pro RWD!

Norman Tan's S2000 was beautiful!

In the Supercar category, GT Auto’s GTR driven by Raymond Liew was trying out the much anticipated Hankook RS3 tyres, hoping to retake the crown from Singapore’s Aloysius Lek and his GTR. Sadly the quickest they could manage was 2m27.822, a second behind their previous best set in Round 1. Cheam Tow Keat made it to second place, and Nick Mah – who swapped his Cayman S this weekend for a Ferrari F430, came in third.

Open category was a straight sweep by Singapore’s SPARKS Motorsports, their S15 claiming fast in Open 2WD and their Lancer Evo 9 setting a new quickest laptime of 2m26. 527 for the Open 4WD enroute to its win. Seasoned racer Akina Teo was behind the wheel of both cars. Unfortunately for Faye Kusairi, her Silvia S13 broke down in the first session and she was unable to set a competitive time, the car parked on the outside of Turn 1.

With the end of this round thus was the last chance for Teams and Drivers to set their quickest daytime laps of Sepang. After this the circus heads down south to a first ever Time Attack at J-Circuit Pasir Gudang on 7th October, and then we’re back at Sepang for a night Time Attack (and paaaarrteee!!) on 1st December. See you then!

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