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We’ve seen sufficient demand for a category catering to the increasing prolific CVT gearbox for street cars, and Auto-gearboxed cars in general.

Although not generally the performance gearbox of choice, many OEM car manufacturers are coming out with CVT gearboxes to enhance the mileage of their vehicles, but this has of course not hindered the enthusiasts for wanting to do more with their everyday drives than was originally engineered for. There are some pretty exciting cars out there which run CVT gearboxes including the Lancer GT, Inspira 2.0, the very pretty Honda CR-Z and popular Jazz, Mitsubishi Colt, and a couple of Audis amongst others.

As per the category name, normal Automatic Transmission vehicles are also permitted. Honda Civic 2.0 AT, or perhaps Altezza RS200 AT or RX8 AT anyone??

As this is the last round for MegaLAP 2012 we’re introducing this new category with the following regulations:

Limited to Street tyres only, no semi-slicks allowed. For a list of tyres that are NOT PERMITTED please click here

The limit for engine capacity is 2-litres. This caters for the majority of CVT gearbox engined vehicles, and keeps competition tight.

For this preview round of the new category, it’s limited to Naturally Aspirated engines only. Hybrids permitted, but no forced induction or laughing gas (NOS). Original OEM engines only – so no K20A conversions into a Civic 2.0 AT please!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW so head on over to our nearest Registration Agent to get in the game!

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