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We have uploaded the new 2013 MegaLAP ClubSPRINT Regulations, both Technical as well as Sporting.

In a coconut-shell:

ClubSPRINT categories: vehicles must run DOT street-tyres only. Slick and Semi-Slick tyres are NOT permitted. Please refer to paragraph 5 TYRES for a list of tyres deemed as ‘semi-slick tyres’
o General ClubSPRINT categories:-
2500 – Normally Aspirated Non-VTEC up to 2500cc; Forced Induction up to 1500cc; VTEC up to 1600cc; no supercars or rear-engined cars.
Above 2500 – All drive and engine layouts and types; no supercars or rear-engined cars.
Campro / 4G1x – Limited to the Proton CAMPRO and Proton 4G1x series engines only.
CVT & Auto – Automatic and CVT Transmission, Normally Aspirated OEM engine up to 2000cc. The gearbox transmission must be an OEM production transmission ie no sequential aftermarket specials.
o Guest ClubSPRINT categories – these are any categories that are subscribed to on a Group basis:
Minimum of 10 participants required; trophies up to 5th position will be provided;
For sub-categories a minimum of 6 participants per sub-category is required, for a minimum of 3 trophies provided. A minimum of 10 participants is required to provide trophies up to 5th position in the sub-category

Open category: any vehicle running on Semi-slick tyres that are in the list from paragraph 5 TYRES. Slick tyres are not permitted.

Below is the list of tyres defined as semi-slick tyres in MegaLAP:

Manufacturer Tyre
Yokohama/Advan A048R, AO50R
Bridgestone RE540S, RE55, RE-11S
Dunlop Formula R (D83J, D93J, D01J, DZ02G, DZ03G)
Federal FZ201
Kumho Ecsta V700, V70A
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, TB15
Pirelli P Zero C, P Zero Corsa
Silverstone FTZ Sport Tyre RR, S575, S585
Toyo Proxes RA-1, Proxes R888, Trampio R881
Hankook Ventus Z221
 Nitto NT01

10:30    Registration & log-in (at the Media Centre)
12:00    Driver’s Briefing (Compulsory)
13:00    Practice – All cars
14:00    Session 1
14:30    Session 2
15:00    Session 3
15:30    Session 4
16:00    Session 5
16:30    Session 6
17:00    Prize Giving






Disclaimer: Exclusion of liability, release and assumption of risk.

Persons are reminded that motorsport is dangerous and accidents can happen. All care is taken to protect the public but are warned that there is a possibility of an accident causing property damage, injury, or death. In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, you hereby acknowledge that the entry to the event has a degree of danger and release, Matrix Motorsports Promotion Sdn Bhd, clubs, corporations, organisations, and persons having any connections with the promoting, organising or conduct with the event shall have no liability to you.

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  1. james says:

    No more pro-ff vtec class this year? semi will be open class ?

  2. Teoh Chun Zhi says:

    hi i’m teoh from penang…
    i’m interested in joining round 1 megalap..
    my car is waja enigine 4g18
    is it i can join 4g1x category??
    i got see the car club 4g1series is joining is it i have to register thru them or i can register with you??
    i see the regulation the all car interior cant be strip right?? can the rear seat(the sitting part) take off??
    about inside the trunk my car have been accident before so all the stuff inside(the carpet, spare tyre, the board) all is taken out… is it eligible to participate???

  3. […] 1) Pits will be available this time, we have checked and confirmed with Sepang early 2) Schedule will revert to normal, meaning 1-hour Practice session, and 2 x 30-min timed sessions 3) Main categories will remain, but with an exciting “marketing” name change as previously people were confused with the “2500″ and “Above 2500″ terms: – The ‘ClubSPRINT 2500′ category will now be known as ‘ClubSPRINT North Pole’ – The ‘ClubSPRINT Above 2500′ category will now be known as ‘ClubSPRINT Rocco’ – Minimum of 8 starters is required, or the category may be cancelled 4) Regulations have no change, ClubSPRINT 2013 is limited to DOT-approved Street-tyres only. The tyre exclusion list can be viewed here. […]

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