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The good news: The ClubSPRINT Time Attack has exceeded all expectations, with 120 cars participating, and more than half from car Clubs that are excited to be able to challenge their friends head-to-head in a friendly environment! Sadly, due to over-subscription we have not been able to accommodate all Clubs and Organisations that registered. We really hope that you guys will get a chance during the next round on 5th May.

And now, the not so good news: we were just informed yesterday evening that Super GT are testing in Sepang throughout this week, and that from Sunday onwards it’ll then be MotoGP testing for 2 weeks. And therefore, this weekend all but 6 pits will be taken up by SuperGT and MotoGP.

Parking allocations by Category at P5 (Click to enlarge)

We have discussed this issue with Sepang, and they agreed to try and make it more comfortable for our event: they will allow access to the air-conditioned Common Rooms behind pits 28-33 as well as some of the gazebo rooms behind the pit building for our use.

However, cars will need to be parked at the Paddock P5. Please refer to the diagram below, We have divided up the area with post metal barriers with some signage for each category.

This isn’t as problematic as it may seem, as we have also adjusted the Schedule to accommodate these changes. Thus, there will be a single 1-hour timed session for each category, rather than 2 x 30 minute sessions. Effectively this is more track time, as it’s actually 2 x 25 mins, and this will now be 1 x 55 mins. It’s also means less movement of the cars.


Registration starts at the Media Centre at 12:30pm, and the Driver’s Briefing will be conducted at 2:00pm at the same place. The briefing is compulsory, for us to inform you of how the event will run.


The 6 pits that are allocated to us will be used for Drive-Thru Scrutineering and Staging for each Session, and ONLY VEHICLES THAT ARE RUNNING WITHIN THE CURRENT SESSION ARE PERMITTED TO USE THE PITS.

If it is NOT your Session, then you will be asked to please exit the pit and permit other participants that are running to be able to use it. Please be considerate to others.

Traffic Route for 2 Feb 2013 (Click to Enlarge)


We have had to make some alternative plans and traffic routing. We are requested to not drive behind or in-front of the pits where the MotoGP teams are setting up, and these areas will be blocked off. Please refer the plan beow on how that works.


There are 3 Common Rooms, and they are allocated as follows:
Team Common Room 13 (behind pits 28/29): RS Colectif
Team Common Room 14 (behind pits 30/31): Forte
Team Common Room 15 (behind pits 32/33): VW Club

The other categories please make yourself at home in the gazebo rooms behind the Pit Building.

The decision above is without prejudice: it’s pure numbers.


All participating cars are provided with Paddock passes for 2 pax – 1 for the driver, another for crew/gf/wife/3rd wife. Additional spectators pass is RM 10.00 each, these are sold at the entrance.

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  2. unsatisfied says:

    can you PLEASE stop changing the details of the event at the last minute?1?!?!? And, please, you dont need to kiss the feet of car clubs to make an event successful. Plus, making group 1 run with 2500, above 2500, and campro/4g1x? HONESTLY? REALLY? Have you driven on track and EVER faced backmarkers slowing you down from setting a laptime? GET YOUR HEADS SCREWED ON TIGHT AND THINK FOR ONCE IN YOUR SORRY LIFE!!!

  3. unsatisfied says:

    what happenned to the open class??? Isnt federal Fz-201 your official tire sponsor? kinda hard to believe there are not many participants in this category since based on the last round in 2012 there was so many! we appreciate that ya’ll supporting motorsports growth in malaysia, but this round seems a bit fishy.
    there are many spectators out there that would love to witness cars trying hard to break the open class record. end of it all, that is the highlight of the event :(

  4. james says:

    wow! the weirdest megalap event ever !
    hope that the participant comfort and their access convenience are well taken care.

  5. eric lee says:

    participant park outside ? any tent set up ? or khemah orang kahwin style to cover up from heat ? what about participant item ? spare tyre, tool and such ? where to put them ? 1 hour time attack with no break ? participant would not have enough time to go back to the parking lot and fix if encounter any problem. come on man! brake it into 2 session as usual lah!

  6. ikhwan says:

    hi bro, please let me know is there a need for a media pass for freelance photographer. if it is, please let me know the t&c. tq!

  7. adian says:

    Dear Unsatisfied,

    If it doesn’t make business sense, we can’t and don’t do it. Correspondingly, if you don’t like it, then you are under no obligation to participate. Don’t spoilt it for others.

    We would rather kiss the feet of car clubs that are gratefully able to make this event a reality, rather than entertain your singular requirements. If it wasn’t for our ‘re-strategising’ of MegaLAP to cater to car clubs, it would cease to exist for 2013.

    We will never be doing Open class and Semi-slick classes again, as there was not enough demand through our last 3 rounds of MegaLAP. If you want to play that level of game, our friends at run Time To Attack which caters to that segment.

    Or alternative if you wish to run semi-slick and Open class and think you have what it takes, we have another event for more serious drivers and racers called “Saturday Night Fever”. Up your game and check our main website for details.

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