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The coming event on 2 June is a big one held in conjunction with the GT Radial Champiro SX2 tyre launch. In order for everyone to gain a better understanding of the activities and layouts, please refer to the attached diagrams below.

Pit Allocations for MegaLAP ClubSPRINT categories and classes has also been allocated. Please ensure that you comply to the plan, so that everyone can have a good time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MSS Bikes is running until 12 noon. As such, certain areas and pits are only allocated to us after 12 noon.

SECONDLY: Only vehicles with MegaLAP Competition Stickers will be permitted into the Pit Area. Everyone else is required to park at the allocated parking area

DRIVERS: Park your cars first, then head up to the Media Centre to register and collect your stickers. Once you’ve put your stickers on your car, you will be allowed to drive in to the Pit Area. Please be informed that access is only permitted from 12 noon onwards.

PADDOCK PASS: Everyone that will be coming in to the paddock will require to PRINT it out and place on your dashboard. Sepang charges RM 50.00 per entry to the Paddock during MSS weekends, so if you do not print a parking pass, they will charge you, no matter what you say. They do not discriminate: MegaLAP cars, GT Radial Guests, Gymkhana cars: everyone needs to have a Parking Pass! Please be informed!!

Good luck everyone, see you on Sunday!

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