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STREET is defined as Streetable cars that can be driven on the road and are maintain and built to be driven on the road. These vehicles should have the following requirements:
– vehicle should have an AC blower, especially newer machines
– door trim is required for all cars
STREET category vehicles are allowed the following allowances:
– rear seat not compulsory
– carpet not compulsory
– only bolt-on type rollcages or safety bars permitted ala SNF Street categories. If full-welded bars with 8 or more location points considered a Competition-Prepared car and not permitted
– Only DOT-approved non-semi-slick tyres which have reasonable tread are allowed.
Semi-slick and full-slick tyres not permitted. List of tyres that are not permitted is below. If the tyre is not in this list and is not a full-slick tyre, then is allowed.
Some brain capacity is essential. Please do not be a dungu and send us messages asking if Nankang NS2R or Federal RSR are allowed in Street, because they are not in the list, therefore they are allowed!
Similarly please don’t message asking if Mickey Thompson ET-type tyres are permitted because again that’s stupid as these are quite obviously racing tyres.

Below is the list of tyres defined as semi-slick tyres in MegaLAP:

Manufacturer Tyre
Yokohama/Advan A048R, AO50R
Bridgestone RE540S, RE55, RE-11S
Dunlop Formula R (D83J, D93J, D01J, DZ02G, DZ03G)
Federal FZ201
Kumho Ecsta V700, V70A
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, TB15
Pirelli P Zero C, P Zero Corsa
Silverstone FTZ Sport Tyre RR, S575, S585
Toyo Proxes RA-1, Proxes R888, Trampio R881
Hankook Ventus Z221
 Nitto NT01



All vehicles to be Street-spec saloon cars (4 seaters) except where stated.

Production 1300
– Normally Aspirated (NA) up to 1300cc; Forced Induction & rotaries not permitted
– Myvi, Saga BLM, old Sagas, Kelisa, etc

Super 1500
– Normally Aspirated (NA) up to 1500cc; Forced Induction & rotaries not permitted. Hybrids permitted
– old Saga 1.5, Wira, Myvi, City, Jazz, Vios, Swift, CRZ, 4G91 engine, etc

Street 1600 NA
– Normally Aspirated (NA) non-VTEC up to 1600cc; Forced Induction & rotaries not permitted
– Wira, Satria, Satria Neo, Campro engine, Swift Sport, Toyota 4AGE engine, Nissan SR16, etc

Street Tuned Limited
– Normally Aspirated Non-VTEC up to 2500cc; Forced Induction up to 1600cc; VTEC up to 1700cc; no supercars or rear-engined cars
– Mini Cooper S, BMW E30, Altezza, 1.8 Protons, Nissan SR20DE, Honda B16B, etc

Street Tuned Open
– All types of drive and engine layouts; sports cars allowed; no supercars or rear-engined cars
– FD2R, DC5R, Impreza, EVOs, Supras, RX7, 1JZs, BMWs, Mercs, whatever as long as not a Supercar or a rear-engined car

CVT & Auto
– Automatic and CVT Transmission, Normally Aspirated OEM engine up to 2000cc
– The gearbox transmission must be an OEM production transmission ie no sequential aftermarket specials
– Take note that saloon bodies (4-seaters) and no turbos

Honda 1800 NA
– Limited to Honda cars running with naturally aspirated Honda engines up to 1899cc only
– Turbocharging not permitted

– Honda cars running with Honda engines; no supercars.
– No capacity limit, no layout limit, anything goes

Toyota 1600
– Limited to Toyota cars running with Toyota engines up to 1600cc only; forced-induction permitted
– This category is for Open Tyres: semi-slicks permitted

Open category – any vehicle running on Semi-slick tyres that are in the list of semi-slick tyres. Slick tyres are not permitted. Competition-prepared vehicles permitted in this category.


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