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Having joined other MSF racing series, Davy’s SuperStreet Turbo Putra enters the second round of this year’s MegaLAP with a new ambition. He sets himself a personal benchmark of 2 minute 25 second, “if all works out,” said Davy. The car will return for the second round of the series with an improved setup.

“The car now has a rebuilt engine; cams, pistons, and the con-rods have all been upgraded.” Durability is a concern, since the turbo has been swapped with a GTX3076 unit. The tendency of torque-steer would be an issue for the front wheel drive (FWD) Putra but the car is sent in to the suspension shop next door for set up. Sitting on Hankook semi-slicks, the car runs on Fawster’s in-house coilovers.


Lap times aside, Davy also rushes to get bodywork done in time for the upcoming MegaLap this coming 2nd December.

“If it all works out, I believe we could hit low 2m25s. If the car can consistently lap below that time, we will enter for Race Car Open (MSF) next year.”

The front bumper will be redesigned to accommodate for aero. It will work hand in hand with a rear wing, which will will allow Davy to carry more speed through Sepang’s technical corners- putting those semi-slicks to maximum work. The team has limited knowledge on aero, “we will concentrate more on the handling first.” Davy believes the improved handling will allow him to get closer to the Putra’s absolute limit.

The car was purchased by Davy after noticing it was abandoned at Millenium Motrsports, Sunway for three years. He bought over the Putra and continued having it built and maintained at the same workshop. “I am grateful for Joshua Thiran for all his help from the start of the purchase until now.”

“Due to other commitments I had with other categories since the past year, it is time we wake the Putra up and run it with whatever set up we can do first.”

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