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Credits to Norman for the picture.

It’s blue and it’s got aero. Sounds familiar? What seems like a watered down version of Alif Hamdan’s Blue Arrow, the S2000 will be competing in the Street class for the upcoming Round 2 of MegaLAP. The one word that best describes Norman’s AP2 is “attack.” Anyway, the S2000 is fast right out the box- especially on the bends, but the man who drives back and forth Singapore to join local track sessions is a firm believer of lateral grip. The car sees some pretty extensive handling modifications since his purchase a decade ago.

Norman’s average timing on the full Sepang track is “stuck at 2:38.3,” according to him, with a stock, worn out engine. A very decent feat for a decade old car that spent a lot of its time being on the limit.


MegaLAP 2012, before the car had liveries.

Norman is no stranger to driving on the track. He has participated races at MIMC, Pasir Gudang and obviously Sepang Circuit. The car is driven to and fro Singapore where he resides and work- which is why the car still has a full interior intact, and the engine is bone-stock. Speaking of that, the car has clocked 200,000KM and is still running the streets and tracks! However, high mileage equals wear and tear. “Over recent times it has been down on power as compression has been low,” said Norman in regards to the engine losing top speed. Planning to keep the engine stock, he believes he “might fall behind on acceleration moments but can make up ground on the corners.”


He makes up ground by implementing aero on his Laguna Blue Pearl AP2. The carbon splitter works along with the Voltex rear wing. “The (simple) aero has delivered higher speed turn in improvements and higher speed turn stability without a high drag penalty. All other body panels are stock except for a used bonnet I got which is mainly for cooling. Of course I do not have the full aero underbody to take advantage of the grip throughout the length of chassis but I guess that’s not much of choice as I am still driving a street car.”

The 1-way Torsen LSD works well with the car’s stiff suspension setup to fully maximize the track’s smooth tarmac, as it would in turn “generate grip as a flatter stance can make the most of the low pressure zone under the splitter I am creating.”

“I have a simple (suspension) setup; Tein Super Racing coilovers, Buddy Club roll centre adjuster (RCA) , and Whiteline sway bar.”


Making full use of the lacking engine, Norman gets to stay at speed longer by braking much later and harder- specifically at the 100 mark by simply adding two brake ducts per corner of each brake. He claims he could go 20-30 laps without fade thanks to the simple cooling mod. “As a Singaporean employee, I don’t have so much time to practice so I need to maximize my seat time. Having fading brakes is not a good idea.”

Will his strategy of keeping the car durable win him first place? He still has a few more weeks to prepare for the second installment of this year’s MegaLAP, come Round 6 MSF this 2nd December.

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