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Posted by adian on October - 12 - 2012 0 Comment

LAI WEE SING AND TEAM KAZAMA POWERED BY DRIVE M7 SET FASTEST EVER OFFICIALLY RECORDED STREET CAR LAPTIME AT PASIR GUDANG CIRCUIT AT HYRAX OIL MEGALAP TIME ATTACK ROUND 5 2012 Team Kazama Powered By DRIVE M7 have set the official fastest ever recorded street car laptime at the classically challenging Pasir Gudang circuit in  [ Read More ]

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Posted by adian on August - 30 - 2012 2 Comments

We received a flurry of calls from last minute entries in the last few days leading up to Round of MegaLAP 2012, given that most parties were still in the Hari Raya mood and taking things easy. In the end however we also received a bunch of calls from those who in the last minute  [ Read More ]

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Posted by adian on March - 1 - 2012 0 Comment

Official photos from MegaLAP Time Attack Series 2012 Round 1 that was held at Sepang F1 Circuit on 26 February 2012. All photos by our resident Big Guy With Big Camera – Keshy Dhillon.

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Posted by Naz on February - 29 - 2012 0 Comment

What an awesome event MegaLAP Round 1 was last Sunday. There were some flaws no doubt, but we will learn from the shortcomings and improve MegaLAP in Round 2! Congratulations to the winners and the rest of the participants also deserve a pat on the backas you guys were great despite the pouring rain midway  [ Read More ]

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Posted by adian on January - 27 - 2012 1 Comment

Here we have ‘em, photos from the MegaLAP Preview round that was held on the 11th December 2011. Some of the cars were as stunning as the best lap times that they set! We’re looking forward to Round 1 on 26th February 2012!    

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